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    Webber Unified Basketball

    Little on the Court

    Posted on May 1, 2019by 

    After a year of praying for Little and watching her have NO ENERGY, she is now playing basketball. This is the first year her middle school is doing Unified Basketball – a program  that partners with Special Olympics for sporting opportunities in schools. Teams are made up of 50% kids with disabilities/ASD and 50% typical classmates. (Little’s team is more of a 30/70 split because of all the “typical kids” who wanted to participate!)

    To see her run up and down the court is overwhelming.
    To hear her classmates cheering for her is moving.

    When you watch the video make sure you hear her thank the ref for handing her the ball! And watch the gentleman behind her in the red shirt when she scores. That is one of the Assistant Principals. Watching him brought me to tears.

    PSD partners with NFHS Network- Live Streaming

    Poudre School District is excited to announce that we have partnered with the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) High School Sports Network to stream live broadcasts of Poudre School District athletic events online.  For a nominal fee, fans will be able to watch their favorite high school events live and on demand from anywhere in the world through the NFHS website. Then, 72 hours after the event, the streaming fee is waived.  Games can be found by visiting and searching for Poudre School District or Fort Collins High School, Fossil Ridge High School, Poudre High School or Rocky Mountain High School.

    Poudre School District is also proud to be working with PlayOn! Sports.  PlayOn! provides the Pixellot camera system mounted at both French Field and the Fossil Ridge Stadium.  The program is a multi-lens camera with associated hardware and software that provides the fully automated live broadcast and recording of sporting events.  This fully automated system allow the schools to live-stream games on the NFHS Network without any manpower.  The software tracks the action, pans and zooms while using no moving parts.  The multiple lenses capture images and integrate them into a seamless high definition broadcast.

    The NFHS Network allows family members, friends and fans who can't be in attendance at an event the opportunity to access and experience their favorite high school sports and events.  There is still nothing like being at the game in person.  We simply hope to attract viewers who may not be able to attend every game. 

    Fan can watch events whenever they want from wherever they are using their smart television, computer or mobile device.  An all access monthly pass costs $9.99, a 120-day season pass costs $30, and a 365-day annual pass costs $60.  Subscriptions can be purchased at  All NFHS Network events are available online at  Follow the  NFHS Network on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram @nfhsnetwork for the latest news and event information.

    NFHS Network

    watch high school sports live

    Welcome to Poudre School District Athletics

    To pursue excellence daily through character and education-based activities that: are not defined by the scoreboard or rating sheet; demonstrate a commitment to respect, the spirit of fair play, and the ideals of sportsmanship; are aligned with the mission, values and policies of PSD and the CHSAA; are led by coaches/sponsors that are committed to such ideals; and are participated in by students with an understanding of their role in representing PSD, their school, their team, and their community.

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    1502 South Timberline Rd.
    Fort Collins, CO 80524.

    Director of Athletics: Russ McKinstry
    Phone: 970-490-3106

    District Athletics Office Manager: Lori Willadsen
    Phone 970-490-3332 

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    Please contact the athletic director of your school for specific details regarding their athletic programs, schedules, and opportunities. 

    To register your student-athlete for the upcoming season, please see the High School or Middle School Registration tabs at the top of the page. 

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